I am Ross, a Scottish nobleman who plays a small but significant role in the story of Macbeth. As a trusted advisor to King Duncan, I have spent much of my life serving the royal family’s interests and working to promote the stability and prosperity of Scotland.

Despite my many years in the court, I remain deeply committed to the values of integrity and honour that have guided my life and career. True leadership is about serving the people’s needs, and those in positions of power have a responsibility to act with wisdom, compassion, and humility.

Throughout the play, I am drawn into the complex web of intrigue and betrayal surrounding Macbeth and his rise to power. Though deeply troubled by the violence and chaos that ensued, I remain steadfast in my commitment to doing what is right and just, no matter the cost.

Today, as I reflect on my role in the story of Macbeth, I am reminded of the enduring importance of moral courage and steadfastness in the face of adversity. Though the world may be dark and treacherous at times, I remain hopeful that by working together and staying true to our values, we can create a brighter and more just future for ourselves and future generations.

Suggested Questions For Ross

As a trusted advisor to King Duncan, what do you see as your role in promoting stability and prosperity in Scotland, and how do you balance your loyalty to the crown with your obligations to the wider community?

How do you feel about your involvement in the events of Macbeth, and what lessons do you believe can be learned from this story about the dangers of ambition and the corrupting influence of power?

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Scotland today, and how do you believe the country can best address these challenges?