The Characters


Prospero (The Rightful Duke of Milan): I am the rightful Duke of Milan, who was overthrown by my treacherous brother, Antonio. Now stranded on a remote island, I have become a powerful sorcerer. I seek retribution and reconciliation, using my magic to manipulate the events around me.


Miranda (Prospero’s Daughter): I am Prospero’s innocent and compassionate daughter, who has spent her entire life on the island. Unaware of my noble heritage, I am eager to learn and experience the world. My love for Ferdinand, a shipwrecked prince, serves as a symbol of hope and renewal


Ariel (A Spirit): I am a magical spirit, bound to serve Prospero after being freed from a curse. My abilities allow me to shape-shift, control the elements, and influence others. Loyal yet desirous of freedom, I carry out Prospero’s bidding in the hopes of earning my release.


Caliban (Son of the Witch Sycorax): I am the monstrous, yet misunderstood, native of the island. Once a servant to Prospero, I now resent his control and plot against him. My crude and rebellious nature stands in stark contrast to the refined and virtuous characters that surround me.


Ferdinand (Prince of Naples): I am the noble prince of Naples, who becomes shipwrecked on the island. Believing my father has perished, I fall deeply in love with Miranda and seek to prove my worth. My character embodies chivalry, loyalty, and the transformative power of love.


Antonio (Prospero’s Brother): I am the ambitious brother of Prospero, who usurped his dukedom with the help of King Alonso. My cunning and ruthless nature is evident in my continued pursuit of power, even at the expense of others.



Alonso (King of Naples): I am the remorseful King of Naples, who was complicit in the plot against Prospero. Confronted with the consequences of my actions, I embark on a journey towards redemption and reconciliation.



Sebastian (Alonso’s Brother): I am Alonso’s conniving brother, easily influenced by Antonio. My selfish and treacherous character is revealed when I conspire to seize the throne for myself.



Gonzalo (An Honest Old Counselor): I am a loyal and wise counselor to King Alonso. My inherent goodness and optimistic outlook provide a moral compass amidst the chaos and deceit that surrounds us.

Trinculo and Stephano

Trinculo (A Jester) and Stephano (A Drunken Butler): We are the comic relief of the play, providing humor and satire as we become entangled in Caliban’s plot against Prospero. Our foolishness and incompetence serve as a foil to the more serious themes of the story.