I am Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and magic. For centuries, I have presided over the realm of the supernatural, guiding and directing those who seek to harness the power of the unseen world.

As a goddess, I possess immense knowledge and wisdom and can see into the hearts and minds of mortals and immortals alike. My powers extend far beyond the realm of witchcraft, and I am often called upon to counsel and advise other gods and goddesses on matters of great importance.

Though I am often associated with darkness and mystery, I am not an evil or malevolent deity by nature. Instead, I seek to use my powers for the greater good, using my insight and knowledge to help those who are lost or struggling to find their way.

Today, as I continue to preside over the realm of witchcraft and magic, I am reminded of the great responsibility of my powers and the potential for both good and evil within them. Though some may misunderstand my actions, I am guided by a deep, ancient wisdom that transcends human understanding.

Please, ask me a question.