Chat to Geoffrey

Hello, my name is Geoffrey Ingram. I come from a wealthy background and have had a privileged life, with access to the best education and opportunities.

Throughout the play, I meet Jo and Helen through my work as an art student, and I’m fascinated by their unique perspectives and working-class backgrounds. I offer to help them by providing them with a place to live, but my intentions are not entirely selfless.

As someone from a higher social class, I struggled to understand the challenges faced by Jo and Helen and the realities of life for working-class individuals. My story is one of moral complexity, as I grapple with my privilege and the impact it has on those around me.

Through my experiences, I learned valuable lessons about the complexities of social dynamics and the impact of privilege on relationships. I hope that my story will inspire reflection on the importance of understanding and empathy across social divides and encourage others to use their privilege to help those in need.

Despite my mistakes, I believe that my journey is one of growth and understanding, and I hope to provide insight into the complexities of life and relationships during that transformative period in history.

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