Jekyll and Hyde


Discover the Dualities with Jekyll and Hyde ChatBooks Ai

Teachers and literature enthusiasts traverse the intriguing lanes of Victorian London and dive deep into the moral ambiguities of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” with our ChatBooks Ai.

Why Bring Jekyll and Hyde into Your Classroom with ChatBooks Ai?

Engage with Dual Personalities: Venture into unlimited chat interactions, analyzing the complexities of Jekyll’s transformation into Hyde.

Character Deep Dive:  Seek insights into the multi-faceted characters. Whether it’s the moral Dr Jekyll or the sinister Mr Hyde, get your questions answered in real-time.

Extended Learning Materials: Augment your teaching with our exclusive resources tailored to complement “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Community of Gothic Literature Lovers: Join our forum, uniting educators and learners passionate about Victorian literature, share ideas and lesson plans, or simply muse over the novella’s underlying themes.

Exclusive Webinars: Tune in to monthly sessions delving into the methods and best practices for teaching this gothic classic using chatbots.

Track Engagement: Let students gauge their progress with a tracker, reminding them of key characters and plot points they’ve explored.

Evolve Together:  Your feedback on chat sessions is invaluable. Help us refine the Jekyll and Hyde experience for all users.

Lesson Plan Inspiration:  Benefit from our curated lesson plans, offering creative approaches to teaching this novella using chatbots.

Deepen Understanding:  Post-chat character summaries ensure students recall key traits and developments of figures like Utterson, Lanyon, Jekyll, and Hyde.

Guides for Success:  Offer students clear user guides to ensure they get the most enriching experience from each chat.

Stay Updated:  With our newsletter, you’re always in the know about new features or insights related to “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”

Explore Victorian Literature:  Every month, get a taste of another classic from the era, enhancing students’ comparative understanding of the period’s literature.

Embark on a Gothic Literary Adventure

Let the contrasting worlds of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde come alive in your classroom. Navigate the ethical dilemmas, societal reflections, and the novel’s haunting atmosphere like never before. Dive into Jekyll and Hyde ChatBooks Ai and redefine literature education. Join us now!

    • 12 months of full unrestricted access to all characters 
    • 12 months of Customer Support 
    • Single School Licence

Price: £350 per school

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