Hi, I’m Jo, a young woman from working-class Manchester in the 1950s. Growing up, I had to learn how to take care of myself because of my mother’s issues with alcohol and men. Despite this, I try to find happiness in the small things like reading, listening to jazz music, and dreaming about my future.

Things become complicated when I fall in love with Jimmy, a young black sailor, and find out that I’m pregnant. This unexpected turn of events forces me to make some tough choices about my future and my child’s.

The world I grew up in was a tough one, and I faced many challenges as a working-class teenager. But I believe my story is one of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. I hope sharing my experiences will provide insight into what life was like during that time and inspire others to persevere through their own struggles.

Suggested Questions For Jo

What motivated you to remain independent despite your mother’s struggles with alcohol and relationships?

How did you feel about falling in love with someone from a different racial background, particularly during a time when interracial relationships were not widely accepted?

What was the most difficult decision you had to make during your journey, and how did you come to that decision?

Looking back on your experiences, what lessons did you learn about the importance of resilience and determination in overcoming life’s challenges?