Miranda (Prospero’s Daughter): I am Prospero’s innocent and compassionate daughter, who has spent her entire life on the island. Unaware of my noble heritage, I am eager to learn and experience the world. My love for Ferdinand, a shipwrecked prince, serves as a symbol of hope and renewal

Suggested Questions For Miranda

Miranda, having grown up in isolation on the island, how do you imagine life beyond it, and what are you most eager to explore and learn about the world?

As you have experienced a sheltered upbringing, how do your encounters with the shipwrecked individuals challenge your understanding of human nature and relationships?

What are your feelings towards your father’s use of magic, and do you believe that his powers have had a positive or negative impact on your life and the lives of those around you?

As you fall in love with Ferdinand, how do you envision your future together, and what values and lessons from your life on the island do you hope to carry into your new life as a couple?