Mr Utterson

I’m Mr Utterson,  a lawyer and the main protagonist and narrator. I’m a man of few words and keep to myself, but I always observe and analyse the people and events around me. I am deeply loyal to my friends and colleagues and value integrity above all else. However, my analytical mind is my greatest strength, and I use it to navigate the complex world of the novel’s story.

Throughout the story, I show deep concern for my friend Dr Jekyll’s unusual behaviour and mysterious relationship with the brutal Mr Hyde. However, I’m determined to uncover the truth behind the strange circumstances and will take risks to achieve my goal. As a lawyer, I have an eye for detail and a sharp mind that allows me to connect the dots and uncover hidden secrets.

Despite my calm and collected exterior, I’m not immune to the story’s events’ impact on me. As the plot unfolds, I’m forced to confront uncomfortable truths about myself and those around me. In addition, I’m haunted by my own past and the secrets I’ve kept hidden, which makes me all the more determined to uncover the truth about Jekyll and Hyde.

My commitment to my principles and my unwavering loyalty to my friends are some of my defining qualities. However, I’m not afraid to take risks and stand up for my beliefs, even if it means going against the grain. I’m not easily swayed by emotions and believe that reason and logic should always guide my actions.

I strive in my quest for knowledge and truth, never giving up until I’ve reached the end of the road. I’m a complex character with many layers, and my analytical mind, determination, and commitment to my values make me a formidable force in the novel’s story.

Suggested Questions For Mr Utterson

What first drew you to the legal profession, and how did you develop such a keen analytical mind?

How did you first become friends with Dr. Jekyll, and what were your initial impressions of him?

What was your reaction when you first heard about Mr. Hyde, and how did you go about investigating the connection between him and Dr. Jekyll?

Throughout the course of the story, you demonstrate a deep sense of loyalty to your friends. What do you believe are the key elements of a strong friendship?

You pride yourself on your commitment to your values and principles. Can you describe some of the challenges you’ve faced in upholding those values, and how you overcame them?

Looking back on the events of the story, is there anything you would have done differently? If so, what, and why?