My name is Poole, and I am a man of unwavering loyalty and integrity. For many years, I have been in the service of Dr Jekyll, and I have always carried out his commands without hesitation or question. I take pride in my work and am deeply committed to ensuring that his household runs smoothly and efficiently.

However, in recent weeks, strange occurrences have shaken me. First, a mysterious and menacing figure named Mr Hyde arrived at the house, and Dr Jekyll welcomed him with open arms, despite my misgivings. As time passed, I became increasingly worried about their relationship. My concern grew when Dr Jekyll started acting strangely, disappearing for days and returning with nervous energy and a strange pallor.

Despite my growing unease, I remained resolute in my loyalty to Dr Jekyll, determined to serve him to the best of my abilities. However, it wasn’t until I ventured into his laboratory that I realized the full extent of the danger he had placed himself in, with his experiments and potions hinting at his descent into madness.

But even then, I did not falter in my commitment to Dr Jekyll. Instead, I sought out the help of a trusted friend, hoping to intervene and prevent the worst from happening. In the end, though, it was too late, and Dr Jekyll fell victim to his experiments, leaving me to reflect on what could have been done differently.

I am proud of my unwavering loyalty to Dr Jekyll, even in the face of danger and uncertainty. I remain committed to serving those to I have pledged myself, even when the path ahead is fraught with peril.

Suggested Questions For Poole

What drew you to work for Dr. Jekyll, and what has kept you in his service for so long?

Can you describe your first impressions of Mr. Hyde, and why did you become increasingly concerned about his presence in the house?

When did you first notice that something was amiss with Dr. Jekyll, and what actions did you take to investigate?

Looking back, do you think there was anything you could have done differently to prevent the tragedy that occurred?

How did your relationship with Dr. Jekyll change over the course of the story, and how did you feel about his descent into madness?

What lessons did you learn from your experiences with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and how have they affected your approach to loyalty and servitude?