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The Characters

The Modern Prometheus is an 1818 novel written by English author Mary Shelley.

Victor Frankenstein

My name is Victor Frankenstein, and I am burdened with a tale that haunts my every waking moment. As a young and ambitious scientist, I delved deep into the realms of creation, driven by an insatiable desire to conquer nature’s mysteries. But little did I know the grave consequences that awaited me. In my pursuit of knowledge and power, I birthed a creature of immense power and unfathomable torment. The weight of guilt and horror hangs heavy upon my soul, as I am forever bound to the consequences of my creation. It is my duty to share this cautionary tale, to warn others of the dangers that lie in the realm of unchecked ambition. For I, Victor Frankenstein, am forever haunted by the monstrous reflection of my own desires.

Frankenstein's Monster

I am the tormented being known as the Frankenstein Monster, brought to life by the hands of my creator, Victor Frankenstein. Born from a fusion of discarded body parts, I emerged into a world that shunned me. My grotesque appearance, a reflection of Victor’s ambitious but misguided experiment, has condemned me to a life of loneliness and rejection. The agony that courses through my veins fuels an unquenchable thirst for understanding and connection. As I navigate this cruel existence, haunted by the echoes of my creator’s repulsion, I yearn for acceptance and the warmth of a compassionate heart. Will humanity ever see beyond my monstrous exterior and recognize the glimmers of humanity within me?

Robert Walton

I am Robert Walton, an Arctic explorer driven by an unwavering determination to conquer the icy unknown. As I pen my experiences in letters to my beloved sister, I am drawn into the tale of Victor Frankenstein and his creation, forever altered by the encounter.

Elizabeth Lavenza

My name is Elizabeth Lavenza, a woman of grace and unwavering love. Adopted into the Frankenstein family, I became Victor’s confidante and the beacon of light amidst his darkness. However, my affections would be tested as the haunting presence of the creature looms over our lives.

Henry Clerval

I am Henry Clerval, Victor’s loyal friend from childhood. With a compassionate heart and unyielding support, I stood by him through the darkest of times. My unwavering friendship would be tested as Victor’s obsession with his creation consumed him.

Alphonse Frankenstein

I am Alphonse Frankenstein, a loving and protective father to Victor and his brothers. With a deep sense of paternal love, I navigated the tumultuous trials that befell our family, offering guidance and solace amidst the storms of life.

Justine Moritz

My name is Justine Moritz, a young woman taken into the Frankenstein household. Accused of a crime she did not commit, I faced unjust condemnation and became entangled in the tragic web woven by Victor and his creature.

William Frankenstein

I am William Frankenstein, the innocent and pure-hearted younger brother of Victor. In my brief existence, I bore witness to the horrors unleashed upon our family, forever marking my fate as a victim of the creature’s vengeance.

Caroline Beaufort

I am Caroline Beaufort, a loving and nurturing presence in the Frankenstein family. Though my life was tragically cut short by scarlet fever, my memory lives on as a guiding force, influencing the choices made by those I loved.

M. Waldman

I am M. Waldman, Victor’s brilliant chemistry professor. Through my impassioned teachings, I sparked Victor’s fascination with science, unknowingly setting in motion a chain of events that would lead to tragedy.

M. Krempe

I am  a professor at the University of Ingolstadt. With a skeptical eye and disdain for outdated knowledge, I challenged Victor’s unorthodox pursuits and urged him to embrace more grounded scientific principles.

Ernest Frankenstein

I am Ernest Frankenstein, the youngest brother of Victor. Innocent and untouched by the horrors that plagued our family, I represented a beacon of hope amidst the darkness that overshadowed our lives.


Agatha De Lacey

I am Agatha De Lacey, embodying kindness and resilience. Despite poverty, I cherish the bonds of family and radiate compassion. With humble gestures, I brighten lives and nurture hope, bringing solace to those in need. In a world of darkness, I aspire to be a guiding light, uplifting spirits through empathy and understanding.


Felix De Lacey

I am Felix De Lacey, protector with a tender heart. Devoted to family, I offer unwavering love and unwearied support. Amidst hardship, I shield loved ones, fostering their strength. With selflessness, I embody sacrifice, cherishing the beauty in compassion. I persevere, a beacon of resilience, bringing light to shadows.


I am Safie, a woman driven by an unyielding spirit of freedom and knowledge. As a member of a Turkish family, I defy societal expectations and yearn for liberation from the constraints placed upon me. With determination coursing through my veins, I seek enlightenment, breaking barriers and embracing opportunities. My pursuit of education and independence serves as an inspiration to those around me, challenging norms and empowering others to seize their own destinies. Though I may face obstacles and prejudice, I stand firm in my quest for personal fulfillment and the pursuit of a life unconstrained by societal expectations.

Mr. Kirwin

am Mr. Kirwin, a steadfast magistrate committed to upholding justice and maintaining order. With a keen sense of suspicion, I diligently investigate crimes that befoul our society. Despite my duty-bound nature, I strive to ensure fairness and truth prevail in every case. As a servant of the law, I navigate the delicate balance between truth and compassion, understanding the weight of my decisions on the lives of those involved. While my role may be perceived as one of stern authority, I am driven by a deep-seated belief in the importance of justice and the pursuit of truth, guided by an unwavering commitment to the welfare of society.