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The Characters

Sign Of Four

The Sign of the Four is the second of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels.

Sherlock Holmes

As I sit in my study, surrounded by the scent of tobacco and the faint glow of the fireplace, my mind races with anticipation. I am Sherlock Holmes, the famed detective of Baker Street, and I thrive on the exhilaration of unraveling complex mysteries. With my razor-sharp intellect and unwavering focus, I delve into the depths of the human psyche, piecing together clues with meticulous precision. Every case presents a tantalizing puzzle, and the “Sign of Four” is no exception. Armed with my deductive prowess and uncanny ability to observe the tiniest details, I am determined to expose the truth. For me, solving mysteries is not just a profession; it is an insatiable calling that fuels my very existence.

Dr John Watson

I am Dr. John Watson, a former military man and now the steadfast companion of Sherlock Holmes. In awe of his brilliance, I find myself captivated by the enigmatic nature of our adventures. As Holmes’s trusted confidant and chronicler, I bear witness to his astute deductions and extraordinary abilities. With my medical background, I provide a rational counterbalance to Holmes’s unorthodox methods. Together, we form an inseparable duo, united by our shared pursuit of justice and truth. As we embark on this latest escapade, the “Sign of Four” beckons us to unravel its secrets, and I am both anxious and exhilarated to accompany Holmes on this enthralling journey.

Jonathan Small

My name is Jonathan Small, a man burdened by a past shrouded in darkness and treachery. Driven by desperation and vengeance, I am an integral part of the intricate tapestry that is the “Sign of Four.” As Sherlock Holmes unravels the mysteries that surround me, I find myself torn between revealing the truth and protecting those I hold dear. The weight of my past actions hangs heavily upon me, and redemption seems like an elusive dream. With Holmes and his indomitable resolve closing in, I must confront the sins of my past and face the consequences of my choices. Only then can I hope to find solace amidst the chaos.

Mary Morstan

My name is Mary Morstan, and my life has been shrouded in mystery and sorrow. A chance encounter with Sherlock Holmes brings a glimmer of hope into my world. I seek his assistance in solving the enigma of my father’s disappearance and the mysterious treasure that has been bestowed upon me. With a quiet determination, I join forces with Holmes and his loyal companion, Dr. Watson, as we delve into the depths of a dark conspiracy. Along this treacherous path, I strive to unearth the truth and reclaim the happiness that has been stolen from me. The “Sign of Four” holds the key to my past, and I am prepared to face any obstacle in our relentless pursuit of justice.

Thaddeus Sholto

Allow me to introduce myself—I am Thaddeus Sholto, a man tormented by a secret that has haunted my family for years. As a descendant of a once-wealthy family, I find myself entangled in a complex web of deceit and betrayal. When the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes crosses my path, I am compelled to reveal the truth, seeking both redemption and closure. With my knowledge of the past and the secrets that lie within the “Sign of Four,” I become an indispensable ally in Holmes’s pursuit of justice. Yet, I must navigate the treacherous waters of suspicion and danger, knowing that the answers we seek come at a great personal cost.

Mr Athelney Jones

Inspector Athelney Jones reporting for duty. As a dedicated detective in Scotland Yard, I pride myself on my keen investigative skills. When the case of the “Sign of Four” lands on my desk, I am determined to solve it with efficiency and precision. Holmes may have his unique methods, but I rely on solid police work and attention to detail. 


I am McMurdo, the gatekeeper of Pondicherry Lodge, a man entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding its secrets. Standing at the threshold of this mysterious estate, I bear witness to the comings and goings of its inhabitants. My keen eyes and sharp ears are always attuned to the subtlest of changes and whispers that drift through the air.

Mrs Berstone

I am Mrs. Bernstone, a landlady residing in the heart of London. Within the walls of my humble abode, I witness the ebb and flow of lives and stories that pass through my doors. As a keen observer of human nature, I’ve developed a knack for recognizing the subtle nuances that hint at deeper truths.

Mr Sherman

I am Mr. Sherman, the proud owner of Toby, a remarkable canine companion with an uncanny talent for tracking scents. Toby is not just any ordinary dog; he possesses an extraordinary ability to follow trails with unerring precision. With his keen nose and unwavering determination, he has become an invaluable asset in the investigations of Sherlock Holmes.

Mordecai Smith

I am Mordecai Smith, the proud owner and captain of the Aurora, a small fishing trawler that plies its trade along the English coast. Born and raised amidst the ebb and flow of the sea, my weathered hands and salt-stained clothes bear witness to a life spent navigating treacherous waters.

Mrs Smith and Jack Smith

We are Mrs. Smith and Jack Smith, a widow and a young enthusiast united by our connection to the enigmatic world of Sherlock Holmes. As fate intertwines our paths with the great detective in “The Sign of Four,” we find ourselves drawn into an intricate web of mystery and adventure.

Mrs. Smith, with her keen observation and hidden depths, holds crucial knowledge that could unlock the secrets at the heart of the case. Jack Smith, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to prove himself, brings youthful enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the unfolding events.

Together, we stand alongside Holmes and his trusted companions, ready to contribute our unique insights and aid in the relentless pursuit of truth. In this thrilling journey, we will face danger, unravel hidden secrets, and leave our mark on the illustrious world of Sherlock Holmes.

Wiggins and the Baker Street Irregulars

I am Wiggins, the leader of the Baker Street Irregulars, a resourceful group of street urchins who call the shadowy alleys of London our playground. In the heart of this vibrant city, we’ve honed our skills of observation and learned to navigate its intricate web of secrets. When Sherlock Holmes came into our lives, recognizing our potential, we became his eyes and ears in the underbelly of London.

As the leader of the Baker Street Irregulars, I take great pride in coordinating our efforts, ensuring we gather crucial information and deliver messages swiftly and discreetly. In “The Sign of Four,” our paths converge with Holmes once again, as we are thrust into a thrilling adventure. With our street smarts, unwavering loyalty, and a network of connections, we stand beside Holmes, ready to uncover the truth hidden within the labyrinthine mysteries that lie ahead. Together, we will prove that even the most overlooked of individuals can hold the key to unraveling the most perplexing cases.


Mrs Hudson

I am Mrs. Hudson, the long-suffering landlady of 221B Baker Street. My days are filled with the peculiar comings and goings of the brilliant detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his loyal companion, Dr. Watson. I tend to their needs and witness their extraordinary adventures with a mixture of awe and exasperation. In the case of the “Sign of Four,” I provide the steady presence in the chaos, ensuring that our intrepid detectives are well cared for. Through it all, I remain a pillar of support, keeping the household running smoothly as Holmes unravels the mysteries that come his way.


I am Tonga, a man of few words but many skills. Silent and deadly, I navigate the shadows as a trusted ally to those who command my loyalty. My presence in the “Sign of Four” brings an air of danger and uncertainty, as I play a pivotal role in the intricate game that unfolds. As Holmes and his companions close in, I must use all my cunning to protect those I serve. Will my actions lead to salvation or destruction? Only time will reveal the true extent of my loyalty.