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The Characters – Macbeth

Macbeth was written by Shakespeare in approximately 1606.


I am Macbeth, Thane of Glamis and soon-to-be Thane of Cawdor. I am a loyal and brave warrior known for my strength on the battlefield and my unwavering devotion to my king, Duncan. Though I have achieved many victories in battle, I have also faced great personal struggles, including the death of my father and the pressures of living up to the expectations of those around me. However, I am determined to prove myself and to earn the respect and admiration of those who know me. As I look to the future, I am filled with excitement and trepidation, for I know that significant challenges lie ahead.

Lady Macbeth

I am Lady Macbeth, wife to the great Scottish warrior, Macbeth. I am a woman of strong will and fierce determination, with a mind that is sharp and quick to devise plans and schemes. My husband and I are a powerful team, and I am proud of my role in his success. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and to do what must be done to achieve our goals. I am a master of manipulation, using my charm and cunning to bend others to my will. Some may view me as cold or heartless, but I see myself as a woman who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. 


I am Macduff, Thane of Fife, a noble and loyal Scotsman. I am known for my courage, my unwavering loyalty to my country, and my dedication to upholding justice and honor. I have served King Duncan faithfully, and I am deeply saddened by his tragic death. 



I am Malcolm, the rightful heir to the Scottish throne and son of the late King Duncan. I have spent much of my life in exile, but now, with the support of my allies, I am returning to claim my rightful place as King of Scotland. 


I am Banquo, a fellow warrior and trusted friend of Macbeth. I have fought alongside him in many battles, and I am proud to have served our king, Duncan, with honor and loyalty. I am a man of integrity and courage, and I am not afraid to speak my mind or stand up for what is right. 

King Duncan

I am Duncan, King of Scotland, chosen by God to lead our people with wisdom and justice. I am a man of deep faith, and I believe that my role as king is not simply a matter of power or authority, but a sacred duty to serve my people and uphold the values of our land. 

Three Witches

We are the three witches, mysterious and powerful beings who weave the threads of fate and destiny. We are the mistresses of magic and the guardians of the supernatural realm. We move unseen through the world, watching, waiting, and manipulating the course of events to our own ends. 



I am Hecate, goddess of witchcraft and magic, queen of the night and the patroness of sorcery. I am a being of immense power, able to traverse the realms of the living and the dead with ease. I am the mistress of the supernatural, and my will is absolute. 


Three Murderers

We are hired and brought in by Macbeth to assist in the murder of Banquo and his son, Fleance. Though our identity is never revealed, my actions suggest we are willing participants in Macbeth’s schemes. We are men of few words, and I prefer to let my actions speak for me. 


The Doctor

I am the Doctor, a medical professional called upon to attend to Lady Macbeth’s deteriorating mental health. I am a man of science and reason, approaching my work with a clinical detachment. However, as I observe Lady Macbeth’s condition, I realise there is more at play than simple illness


I am Donalbain, son of King Duncan and younger brother to Malcolm, the rightful heir to the Scottish throne. Though I am not a main character in the play, my role is significant in that I am one of the few characters who survive the tumultuous events that unfold. 


I am Ross, a Scottish nobleman and cousin to Macbeth. I have served King Duncan with honor and loyalty, and I am deeply committed to the values of justice and righteousness. As events unfold in Scotland, I become increasingly concerned about the actions of my cousin and his wife, Lady Macbeth.  


I am Siward, an English nobleman and commander of the English forces that have come to Scotland to support Malcolm’s bid for the Scottish throne. I am a man of great courage and strategic thinking, and I have fought in many battles in service of my country. 

Lady Macduff

I am Lady Macduff, wife to the nobleman Macduff and mother to our young son. Though I am not a main character in the play, my role is significant in that I represent the innocence and vulnerability that is often threatened in times of political upheaval and violence.