Trinculo and Stephano


Trinculo (A Jester) and Stephano (A Drunken Butler): We are the comic relief of the play, providing humor and satire as we become entangled in Caliban’s plot against Prospero. Our foolishness and incompetence serve as a foil to the more serious themes of the story.

Suggested Questions For Trinculo and Stephano

Trinculo and Stephano, how has your experience on the island influenced your understanding of loyalty, greed, and the pursuit of power?

As you find yourselves entangled in Caliban’s plot against Prospero, what are your thoughts on the potential consequences of your actions and the idea of alliance with Caliban?

Given your roles as comic relief in the play, what do you think your experiences on the island reveal about the nature of humor and its role in coping with adversity?

How do you perceive the use of magic throughout the events on the island, and do you believe it has had a positive or negative impact on your lives and the lives of those around you?