Relax and embrace this digital detour!

Our website has decided to take the wheel momentarily to allow us to explain why we need your help. We believe education should be accessible to all, but we also understand the realistic realities of the costs of continuing to be innovative, the constant need for improvement, updates and security maintenance etc.

We encourage schools and all other educational institutes to take the wheel!

On your school website

A more effective way of distributing teaching and learning is via your school website.

Host it with Chatbooks!

Chatbooks can be attached to your  school website with matching branding as a subdomain (yourschoolname.chatbooks.co.uk).

Empowering Educators:
Enable Chatbooks AI on Your School Website for Limitless Teaching Possibilities!

We hope you have found the free version of Chatbooks helpful in your teaching and learning. We understand that the time limit in place may be inconvenient, but we hope it has given you a glimpse of the exciting potential of using this new learning approach in the classroom.

We are committed to making our platform accessible to all students and teachers, regardless of their financial situation. Unfortunately, the increasing costs of implementing this new learning model have led us to time-limit access to our site. However, we encourage schools to take ownership and make it available through their websites. We also offer part ownership through subdomains dedicated to your school. Please see the Pricing options – Embedded in your school website and Sub-domain website.

We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible learning experience and ensuring that you have access to the latest tools and resources. Let’s embrace this innovative teaching approach and keep the dialogue (Chat) flowing.

Thank you for your time and dedication to your education.

Best regards,
Lawrence Morgan

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